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Infrastructure and Services Careers


The Security team are responsible for monitoring and ensuring our premises and personnel are secure at all times.

Cyber Security

CEA’s Cyber Security team are responsible for monitoring our networks and continuously improving our threat detection for our systems.

Infrastructure and Facility Management

The team is responsible for the operational control of our buildings and any maintenance requirements.

IT Operations

Our IT team manage and maintain our computer networks along with hardware and software management and technical assistance to the business

Commitment to The Future

At CEA we believe in growing our talent in house and seek to provide the best experience possible to the next generation of professionals. Throughout your time at CEA whether it be for an apprenticeship, internship or work placement, we provide you with:
Research experience
Build confidence
Access to variety
Career goal setting
Professional connections
Job Experience
Develop soft skills
Gain skills / qualifications
As a commitment to you, our performance review program will identify both career and personal goals and support your achievements.

Why work at CEA Technologies?

CEA has fostered an environment that lets our talented staff thrive, collaborate, innovate and grow. As a world leader in our industry, not only do we offer competitive remuneration but have a range of additional benefits to support our valued team members. No matter where you are at in your working life, CEA is dedicated to helping you build a worthwhile and rewarding career.