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Engineering Careers

Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering team looks at all phases of system development, from initial design through to implementation and testing, and onto in service support. They work on a variety of host and target platforms in a broad range of areas including real-time control systems, embedding signal processing, networking, GUI-based command and control systems, simulation and modelling and large scale data analysis.

Hardware Engineering

Our Hardware Engineering team is responsible for two key areas of the design process - As the design authority responsible for design, build, verification and through life support of high end, FPGA based, signal processing circuit boards and as an FPGA designer, integrating radar signal processing algorithms into the parallel, high speed FPGA environment. This involves the design of RTL and verification code using SystemVerilog.

Radio Frequency Engineering

Our Radio Frequency Engineering team looks at design, measurement, documentation and research tasks in RF/ Microwave and analog electronics engineering. They collaborate with PCB CAD, Hardware, Mechanical, Software and Systems engineers to deliver world-leading solutions.


Our Production team builds and assembles products in accordance with specified standards and quality systems and is proud that CEA manufactures all our products here in Australia.


Computer Aided Design is used by engineers, architects and construction managers to replace manual drafting. It enables engineers to design, inspect and manage engineering projects within an integrated graphical user interface. CAD assists users create designs in either 2D or 3D so that you can visualise the construction or design. CAD enable the development, modification and optimization of the design process.


Our Integration team is comprises a large group of technicians who bring to CEA a diverse background of knowledge and experience. Many of this team have started their careers s participants in the successful CEA apprenticeship system. The Integration team is a multidisciplinary team selected from engineering areas focused primarily on large mechanical prototyping, large assembly, test, integration, calibration, set to work and factory acceptance testing while working together with other engineering departments collaboratively. Our Integration Technicians travel both domestically and internationally to support either CEA systems being used for Test and Trials or Demonstrations or supporting customer delivered systems.

Test and Trials

Our Test Engineering Team conducts system specification verification and validation test programs against contracted functional baselines. The Test Team completes final engineering activities leading to customer acceptance and transition into service. Our Trials Teams are multi-disciplinary teams selected from all Engineering areas focused on the capability needs of the Trial. CEA conducts trials to demonstrate CEA capability for future programs and as tasked by Defence.

Commitment to The Future

At CEA we believe in growing our talent in house and seek to provide the best experience possible to the next generation of professionals. Throughout your time at CEA whether it be for an apprenticeship, internship or work placement, we provide you with:
Research experience
Build confidence
Access to variety
Career goal setting
Professional connections
Job Experience
Develop soft skills
Gain skills / qualifications
As a commitment to you, our performance review program will identify both career and personal goals and support your achievements.

Why work at CEA Technologies?

CEA has fostered an environment that lets our talented staff thrive, collaborate, innovate and grow. As a world leader in our industry, not only do we offer competitive remuneration but have a range of additional benefits to support our valued team members. No matter where you are at in your working life, CEA is dedicated to helping you build a worthwhile and rewarding career.