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Message from Chief of Navy.

I am very proud to be the Patron of Navy's own charity Keeping Watch. It is an important program that helps Navy better care for and support our officers, sailors and their families in times of need.

The creation of Keeping Watch acknowledges that there are times when short term financial assistance is required to help individuals and families cope with the unique nature of naval service. Keeping Watch is an important means by which members of the naval family can access such help. From everyday living expenses following a family crisis to assistance with education or child care costs, Keeping Watch has flexibility in the assistance it can provide.

Importantly, Keeping Watch is an opportunity for all Australians to recognise the contribution and sacrifice that Navy personnel make each and every day towards the peace and security of our nation. In some cases this comes at a significant personal cost.

All donations to this worthy cause, large and small, one-off or on-going will be greatly appreciated and used wisely. Keeping Watch is a recognised charity and donations over $2 are tax deductable. Importantly, if you know someone in the Navy family who needs assistance, Keeping Watch may be able to help.


CEA Technologies is proud to support this very worthy organisation, to show your support you can make your donation at www.keepingwatch.org.au


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