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CEA Technologies has many years experience in maintaining systems in the factory and the field across a wide range of products, and has a Customer Support Section to provide direct servicing and maintenance to our customers. The supported systems include a wide variety of communications and radar products, and the computing technology associated with their applications.

To ensure that a sound knowledge base exists with the users of CEA systems, training is provided at a range of different levels for both operator and maintainer from "train the trainer" down to basic system overviews.

The support section is equipped to provide planned maintenance and system grooming on fielded systems on a pre-programmed basis. This process prolongs the availability, reliability, and long term performance of fielded systems which ultimately reduces the cost of ownership.

CEA recommends support and maintenance programs by contract to all of our customers at the expiration of product warranty. We currently supply contract field maintenance and support in many areas including various systems fitted in HMA ships. Such programs include internal configuration management, obsolescence controls, and engineering upgrade paths to ensure continued system sustainability.

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