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Please read our Privacy Policy (the Policy) to understand how CEA manages personal information including personal information from our customers, business contacts, visitors and potential employees.

1. Who is CEA?

In this Policy, ‘CEA’ refers to CEA Technologies Pty Limited and CEA Research and Development Pty Limited and the employees & officers of these companies.

2. Introduction

In the course of CEA’s business there may be circumstances under which CEA collects personal information. This Policy is designed to ensure that such information is handled appropriately and in accordance with the requirements of applicable privacy laws, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (the Principles). Detailed information regarding the Privacy Act and the Principles can be found at www.oaic.gov.au.

In this Policy, we set out how we manage personal information, specifically collect, handle and use personal information, the circumstances under which we may disclose personal information to third parties, your access rights to your personal information that we hold and what action you can take should you be unhappy with how we have handled your personal information.

All CEA employees and officers are required to comply with this Policy.

3. What information does this Policy concern?

This Policy concerns personal and/or sensitive information as defined under the Privacy Act.

The types of information that we may collect and hold about you could include:

a) identification information such as your name, postal or email address, telephone numbers, and date of birth

b) financial details such as your bank account number

c) other information we think is reasonably necessary

4. How and when does CEA collect personal information?

CEA collects personal information in a variety of ways necessary for conducting its business, including when:

a) we provide goods and services to customers

b) we respond to queries regarding our products and our business

c) we communicate with you efficiently

d) we make announcements, issue invitations or supply information to you

e) we recruit staff or engage contractors

f) you attend any of our offices or our display sites at exhibitions or conferences

g) we undertake closed circuit television monitoring of CEA properties for security purposes

Sometimes CEA will collect your information from other sources. CEA will only do this if it is necessary to do so.

5. How does CEA use personal information?

The use to which we can put personal information depends on the reason for which it was collected. Typically this would include training, business development, marketing and recruitment activities.

As a matter of practice, we do not use your personal information for unsolicited marketing or business development purposes. If we do use your personal information in this context, it is because you have consented to us doing so we will always ensure that you have the ability to opt out of any future communication if you so desire.

6. Disclosure of personal information

CEA takes reasonable steps to keep personal information confidential. We do not provide personal information about an individual to a third party without the consent of the individual, unless that individual would reasonably expect, or has been told, that information of that kind is usually disclosed to that third party, or that the disclosure is otherwise required or authorised under law.

7. Disclosure outside Australia

CEA will not transfer personal information overseas to a third party unless:

a) we have the consent of the person to whom the information relates

b) the receiving party provides commitments to privacy and confidentiality that are at least equal to the Australian Privacy Principles

c) the receiving party is under privacy protection laws that offer at least the same level of protection as required under the Privacy Act

8. Information Security

CEA takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it holds is secure from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure. We safeguard personal information using physical, electronic and procedural measures. Examples of how this is achieved include:

a) confidentiality requirements of our employees

b) document storage security policies

c) security measures for access to our systems

d) only persons who are verified to receive such information will be given access to personal information

e) control of access to all CEA facilities

We destroy or permanently de-identify personal information when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was intended.

9. Accessing personal information

You may request to access your own personal information held by us. Such a request should be made in writing to the address below. In some cases we may be able to deal with your request over the phone or in one of our offices. We ask that you identify, as clearly as possible, the type/s of information requested.

CEA will grant a person access to their own personal information as soon as possible (usually within 30 days), subject to the applicable requirements of the Privacy Act and the Principles. We will give you access to your information in your requested format where it is reasonable and practicable.

CEA is not always required to give you access to your personal information. Some of the situations where we do not have to give you access include when:

a) we believe there is a threat to life or public safety

b) there is an unreasonable impact on other individuals

c) the request is frivolous

d) the information would not ordinarily be accessible because of legal proceedings

e) it would prejudice negotiations with you

f) it would be unlawful

g) it would jeopardise action being taken against you for your serious misconduct

h) it would be likely to harm the activities of an enforcement body

i) it would harm the confidentiality of our commercial information

If we are not able to provide your information in the way that you have requested, CEA will provide you with written notification as to why it is not possible to facilitate your request.

10. Correcting personal information

All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading. If you believe that any personal information that we hold about you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please contact the Privacy Officer and our records will be amended accordingly.

11. Making a complaint

If you have a complaint about how we handle your personal information you are welcome to contact us in writing or by phoning the Privacy Officer.

We are committed to resolve your complaint and to do the right thing by our customers. Most complaints are resolved quickly and you should receive our response within five business days.

12. Anonymous/Pseudonyms

You can choose to talk to us anonymously or use a pseudonym. However, CEA may not be able to interact with you where:

a) it is impracticable

b) we are required or authorised by law or a court/tribunal order to deal with you personally

13. Website activity

Some websites use ‘cookies’ to allow the site server to identify and interact with your computer. CEA’s website does not currently use cookies, however we encourage you to review this policy regularly for any change to this status.

14. Contact CEA

If you have any questions regarding this Policy or the way in which CEA manages personal information or if you have concerns about CEA’s treatment of personal information you can contact the CEA Privacy Officer on:


Privacy Officer
59 Gladstone Street (PO Box 1095)
Fyshwick ACT 2609

Email [email protected]
Telephone +61 2 6213 0000 (this is a switchboard number, please ask for a Privacy Officer)

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