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Continuous Wave Illuminators For Ship Self Defence

CEAMOUNT Active Phased Array Illuminator CEAMOUNT Illuminator

This is an active phased array solution providing target illumination and missile up-link for semi-active homing missiles.

The system uses MMIC technology to provide a high-power, light-weight phased array illuminator. CEAMOUNT is available mounted on an agile director or in fixed face configurations.

Features Include:
  • X-band active phased array illuminator;
  • trainable or fixed face configuration;
  • very high operational availability and reliability;
  • electronic beam steering;
  • significant capability growth for upgraded systems;
  • services multiple target / multiple axis engagements
  • global application for ship-self defence systems;
  • capable of supporting multiple channels of fire;
  • supports all X-band guidance modes;
  • maximises missile/combat capabilities;
  • no in-mission maintenance;
  • high levels of redundancy.

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